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Our multiple api are made to meet your daily need as developer and implement without getting worried about coding it yourself.Apis made for every developer need starting from media conversion to Face Detection and sentiment Analysis.

What APIs we have?

Image Processing api

Image Processing API

Image Conversion through API or on the fly with web request. Almost all type of image manipulation like crop, resize, blur, sharp and many more can be done with just one request.

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Try it now!

curl --form "file=@my_image.jpg&sharp=10&resize=400,200,1" https://api.oyyi.xyz/v1/image/convert
thumbnail generator

Thumbnail Generator

Generate Thumbnail for Video file, PDF File and Image File with simple API Request. No Restriction or Charges.

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Compress image or pdf with lossless image or pdf compression algorithm without losing quality

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Qr Code Generator

QR Code Generator

Generate Qr code for your web app / Mobile app or for any purpose with a single api request.

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avatar generator

Avatar Generator

Get avatar for your user for web app or mobile app , based on username or completely random avatar without any external library

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fake data generator

Fake Data Generator

Generate fake data easily with single web request and populate your test database or app testing. Supported almost all types of data.

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Why choose Oyyi?

Simple to Use_image

Simple to Use

Our Api are simple to user with any programming language with network Library.

Cost Effective_image

Cost Effective

Free plan of the api service is suitable for small project and cheaper than any api provider.



Our tech team has spent sufficient time designing secure api with HTTPS, TLS enabled.



Our web server are configured to deliver response within a seconds for large through puts of your services.

Large Api Sets_image

Large Api Sets

We have covered all the major api that are needed for any web services. 20+ apis and new api adding soon.



Sdk for alm ost every popular programming language like Python , Php , Javascript. (Coming Soon)

A dashboard that is made just for you!

manage token
Manage Tokens
track response
Track Response
view stats
View Stats
dashboard image

Our Upcoming APIs

video processing

Video Processing API

Video processing api allow you to easily encode/ decode videos in many different format like MP4, 3GP , MKV, FLV, Webm and HLS. Our services are capable of transcoding video faster at cheaper rate.








Machine learning Api

Machine Learning API

website hosting api

Website Hosting API

Storage Api

Cloud Storage API

Database API

Database API

We work with the Best Partners

The APIs that we have build are robust and we are confident that they can meet all your goals. Its free to begin with and is very affordable for all types of businesses and individuals.

Affordable . Simple . Transparent



Made for personal project or small website

  • Feature Available Api limits of 10 requests/minute
  • Feature Available 500MB of Free Storage
  • Feature Available 1 Free Static Website Hosting
  • Feature Available 1 Queue job worker
  • Feature Not Available Custom Domain name for file serving
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$20 / month

Best For Medium Traffic website.

  • Feature Available Api limits of 40 requests/minute
  • Feature Available 5000MB of Free Storage
  • Feature Available 3 Free Static Website Hosting
  • Feature Available 4 Queue job worker
  • Feature Available Custom Domain name for file serving
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  • Write to us about your requirement and our team will get back to you.
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