Starting from 1st December. Token will be required for Api. ITs Free.

General Purpose APi for difficult day to day task.

These are those api which you will surely need in every project either for backend or app or any development

  • Available For:
  • media processing api for pythonPython
  • media processing api for javaJava
  • media processing api for javascriptJavascript
  • media processing api for phpPhp
  • media processing api any programming languageAny http Lib.
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Avatar Generation Api

Use this api route to get random and unique avatar for api. Use it for default profile pic or profile placeholder for any website ,app or anywhere. You don't need any library to generate avatar , just a simple http request.

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QR Generator Api

Generate Qr code with a single api request. Easy to use with any programming language and don't required you to install any library.

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Fake Data Api

Generate fake data for you api or app development process. Support almost every data types including name phone credit card and others more.

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