Starting from 1st December. Token will be required for Api. ITs Free.

Machine Learning Task Made Easy with simple api

with machine learning api you can do every ml task with just a simple http request and with doing any computation

  • Available For:
  • media processing api for pythonPython
  • media processing api for javaJava
  • media processing api for javascriptJavascript
  • media processing api for phpPhp
  • media processing api any programming languageAny http Lib.
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How it works ?

Doing ml task is much easier than ever before.

media api processing

Object Detection Api

Object Detection is part of Machine Learning , in which we use different algorithm to detect object in Image, Or Video files. Our algorithm can detect around 10K+ different objects.

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Text Sentiment analysis Api

Text Sentiment allow you to predict the sentiment of text either data is POSITIVE , NEGATIVE , NEUTRAL. You can use this result to predict user reviews and many other task on you server side.

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Language Processing Api

Language Processing api is also Natural Language Processing Api allow you to extract meaningful part of human language by the means of NLP algorithm.

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Facial Sentiment Api

Face Sentiment api allow you to detect sentiment of person within the image. Along with sentiment other characteristics like Age , Face Coordinate , Gender , Emotion , Race

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Text Recognition Api

Text Recognition api allow you to extract text from image , video or any visual documents. Our Api are trained to detect more than 100 different languages and many scripts.

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